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Buying a Boat


Buy with confidence

Searching for a used boat can be a daunting task. Lots of questions need answering and you need to be happy with those answers. At Evesham Marina, we aim to make the process of choosing the right boat, making an offer, checking paperwork, etc, as easy and as simple as possible.

The buying process

1. Do your homeworkWhen you see a boat we have on our listing please give us a call. Ask us if we have any additional information about the boat, its service history, when the boat was last blacked, how many owners and any additional photographs, etc.

2. Arrange a viewingIf the information you have received has wettled your appetite then the next stage would be to view it. Just in case the boat may have been sold and save you a wasted journey, we recommend you contact us first.

3. Make your offerGreat, the boat has ticked all the right boxes. It’s time to make an offer, as most owners are a little flexible on their asking price. It is not our place to influence what you may offer or what the owner may accept, merely to conduct the negotiations. When agreement is reached you will be asking for a deposit of 10% of the agreed price subject to survey and/or river trial. Your deposit is paid into a Brokerage Client Account and is fully refundable and protected up until the point that you enter into a signed sale agreement (this is broadly similar in process to the exchange of contracts in a property sale). We will not accept a deposit from you, if the purchase funds are being raised from the sale of a house or boat UNTIL you have exchanged signed contracts with a completion date.

4. Under offerFor as long as the boat is formally under offer to you we will not accept any other offers and will assist to complete the purchase.

5. The contractYou will be asked to sign a binding Sale Agreement contract (subject to satisfactory survey). The contract specifies the conditions of the sale and how, where and when the balance of the purchase price has been paid.

6. SurveyUsed boats are sold without a warranty, so it is our strong recommendation you have a full pre-purchase survey carried out. The survey confirms the condition of the boat and enables you to make an informed and correct decision. You would normally be responsible for the survey fees and any lift-out fees, whether you purchase the boat or not. We aim to look to complete the purchase within four weeks of the survey.

7. Survey ReportWhen you have the survey report and have discussed any issues with your surveyor, you will inform us of your decision whether to proceed or not. Please note that in our experience there are always small faults, particularly on older and less expensive boats. However, should any serious fault be discovered and you would still like to purchase the boat, it may be possible to re-negotiate a reduction in the price. We are here to help with advice and options if necessary.

8. CompletionWe are pleased to accept bank transfers, bankers drafts or cheques. When the full purchase price is cleared to our Brokerage Client Account, we are happy to hand the boat over to you with our congratulations.

9. InsuranceYou also need to ensure you have insurance cover from the date of completion. We are more than happy to arrange this for you.

10. MooringsWe are happy for you to stay a few days whilst you get acquainted with your new boat. Should you require moorings, we have leisure moorings here at the marine and can usually secure one for you when you purchase your boat.

All statements made in this “Our Process is Simple” section are for guidance purposes only, are given without prejudice, form no part of any contract and no liability can be attached to Evesham Marina.



Need help buying your dream boat

Love to buy a boat but your finances are a little stretched. Speak to us as we’ll try and help. Finance can be obtained from a variety of general finance companies or some specialist agencies and is accomplished via a marine mortgage which is secured on the boat, or via an un-secured loan.

In most cases, finance companies will normally lend up to 80% of the value of the boat over a typical loan period between 10 and 15 years. Flexible repayments, fixed or variable interest rate options, optional cover to protect your finance against accident, illness or unemployment are just some options usually available, subject to your circumstances and approval.

We work closely with a number of leading providers of marina finance. Contact us for more information.



Better safe than sorry

It is compulsory to have boat insurance and you will need your insurance cover from the date of completion. We work closely with a number of leading providers of marina insurance and would be happy to help guide and assist you. Alternatively, you can find specialist marina insurers using the directory at www.waterscape.com and adverts in the waterway press.